My second flutter plugin `esewa_pnp`

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Again, I have published yet another plugin for my fellow developer mates to make their lives easier along with mine.

If you are from Nepal you know what’s eSewa, but if you are not, then let me tell you “WHAT IS ESEWA?”.

ESewa is an online payment method, like PayPal and PayTM, used in Nepal.

I was working on a project and I had to implement “payment via eSewa” method anyhow. There was no any official plugin available to use and I couldn’t wait for official developers of eSewa to make it, so I made and published it to help myself and other developers who might run into the same problem as I ran into. It wasn’t that hard to make it, but it wasn’t too easy. I ran into a few problems, but somehow I managed to tackle all of them.

One of the major problems was that the TEST ACCOUNTS which are mentioned in the official documentation of eSewa API were not working. I mailed about the problem to eSewa support team and bugged them via every contact info they have provided on their website 😝. Finally, they responded to my email and provided me a test account’s ID and password.

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